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South West Silents present

The Fire (Il Fuoco)

With live musical accompaniment

Dir: Giovanni Pastrone, 1916, Italy, 45+28mins, 35mm, Cert: 18 TBC

Fri 10 March 2017 // 20:00

Tickets: £8/£7 (concessions)

A chance encounter between a wealthy poet and a fledgling artist sparks an incendiary and forbidden romance. The promise of fame and fortune makes the fire of their passions burn all the brighter. But it cannot last, and wreckless emotions leads to a dangerous obsession and a cursed conclusion.

The Italian silent film Il Fuoco (The Fire) stars the brilliant diva Pina Menichelli in a striking and sultry turn. 

South West Silents is proud to present this unique 35mm print from the Museo Nazionale Del Cinema in Turin, with live improvised accompaniment from the talented pianist John Sweeney.

The screening will also include another turn from Pina Menichelli in the comedy Papà (1915). Set in a rural idyll, Papa sees a block-headed father and son vying for the attentions of an otherwise disinterested Menichelli, wholly unbeknownst to each other.