Since Jan 2020 we have been partnering with Noods, Bristol's coolest indie digital radio station, to bring you the Cube Radio Hour. An eclectic assemblage including archive, interview, field recordings, voice notes, recordings of live music, answer phone messages and found footage. Set in a bed of ambient, soul, afrobeat and avant-garde music. 


Catch us every 4th Monday at 7PM on Noods. If you get tired of counting the weeks, you can be alerted to new shows via this Facebook event.

Catch up with past episodes here:

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Who makes it?

The team that makes the show are a mix of professional radio folks who are part of The Cube and group of keen vols who have swiftly learnt the ropes of recording, interviewing and editing, along with a revolving cast of vols who send in sounds. Since lockdown we have been inviting the Cube members and the public to send us their audio too, further blurring the lines of producer and audience. With regulars like OurCarbone and Tim Prior and a whole host of other contributors. 

The Cube Radio Hour on Noods