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Cables & Cameras presents

Reel Shorts

Fri 15 December // 19:30

Tickets: £6 (full) / £5 (concession)

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This is our final screening of the year, a special Cables & Cameras showcase of short films, including a discussion after the films, hosted by Adam Murray from BBHC, There is also an opportunity to get involved in a truly special raffle to thank you for your support over the last year. So, be a part of the celebration.

This will be your last chance to explore a selection of rich cultural films regionally from around the UK, connecting diverse voices and filmmakers with you the audience. Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or a creative trying to find your path into the film industry, there's something for everyone tonight!

We would also like to show our appreciation and would like to thank all the filmmakers and audiences for supporting Cables & Cameras events this year with virtual flowers.

We hope these screenings and discussions around film and culture have inspired you to find your pathway in life and enter the creative industries.

Cables & Cameras feel responsible for creating a space where you can be supported and be a part of a community and ask questions. We may not have all the answers, but someone in the room will.

Films screened at this Reel Shorts showcase:

Daughters Of The Sea - Writer/Director: Krystal S. Lowe -  4 mins  - 53 sec

TASBEEH - Written and directed by Iqbal Mohammed & Produced by @enonfilms - 12 mins - 06 sec

Ghost & Machines - Director : Muhebur Rahman Shana - 11 mins - 31 sec

Fluid Symphonies - film experience by Onismo Muhlanga & Tarah Kandial  - 7 mins - 41 sec

Your Bad Neighbour - Director : Ka Long Tung - 1 min - 52 Sec

Sticks of Fury - Director: Yuan Hu - Writers: Louis Chan & Bruin Chan -  7 mins - 34 sec

Friendship - Director: Pierre Amiral - 13 mins

During this voyage, Nippon Maru will become a home, a school, a playground. The world itself for you. In here you can try anything. Explore the profound impact of the Nippon Maru—a ship that transformed lives. Through personal accounts and archival footage, witness how individuals, now scattered worldwide, remain bound by their shared voyage.

More to be confirmed

Hosted by Adam Murray

Guest speakers: Muhebur Rahman Shaha


We would also appreciate and remind you to be responsible to others. If you are not feeling 100% and feel unwell, please refrain from attending on the night, and we will refund your ticket.