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- Open Screen Short Film Night -

Wed 18 January 2017 // 19:30

Tickets: £3/2 (Film makers in for free, one per film)

First Bluescreen of 2017!

Roll up Roll up for Bluescreen, The Cube and Bristol's longest running Short Film Night and YOUR Open Screen night for local film makers to bring in and screen their short films.

Any film genre is welcomed – the more eclectic mix of films we get the better we like it!

Films can be up to 20mins long and must be on DVD (formatted for a DVD Player) or Memory Stick (formatted for VLC Player) or Bluray (on video disk and not data disk).

DVD - Should be playable in a DVD Player (ie. not data files) and bring a backup disk if you can.

USB  - Digital Film Files should be clearly marked with your name, film title and our name - BLUESCREEN, so it can be quickly found by our projectionist.

To get the best screening experience at Bluescreen, we suggest your film should be formatted in H264 (.mp4) video compression, with AAC compression for audio. And limit the data rate to 15,000 kbits/sec and films should be no larger than 5GB per file.

If you've not got a film, come along and support the other film makers and/or get inspired to make a film yourself and get involved in Bristol's film making community!

PLUS we have Bluescreen Hi-Fi DJ's in the Bar, Cube Orchestra film re-scores and, if time, some classic shorts from the Bluescreen Archives.


Mail: bluescreen@cubecinema.com