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Cube Music Club

Passionate about music? Join our club and play: no rules.

Wed 27 September // 17:00

Tickets: £4 to cover costs and maintain sound equipment. Payment OTD.

Some of the greatest music has came out of people dropping things.

The CUBE Mircoplex is a perfect setting for creative music, with a 'vive le DIY' vibe and a long history of encouraging new music and minimalist/maximalist improvisation through the Cube and Fantasy Orchestras.

The CUBE MUSIC CLUB is a relaxed, bi-weekly experimental and improvised music club in which to explore musical capabilities and boundaries, establish thoughtful collaborations, and make glorious and curious sounds together with like-minded musicians. Just bring along your instrument and play.

The CUBE MUSIC CLUB is hosted by saxophonist Gareth Pitt (Traces).

5pm-7pm (17:00-19:00) every other Wednesday.
Entrance via CUBE stage door on Princess Row.
Percussion, guitar amps and microphones supplied.

For further information, contact: Gareth P on: 07749 622 013 | sponglepig@gmail.com