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Liquid Library and Tough Sell present

Eyes of the Amaryllis + Shit Creek + Hannah Sullivan + Dan Guthrie

Sun 17 March // 20:00

Tickets: £8 full / £6 unwaged and concessions

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Liquid Library and Tough Sell cordially invite you to a pastoral, blissed-out Sunday evening gig, with eccentric outsider ambient, shimmering electronics, performance and film.


EotA is a Philadelphia based group bonded by an interest in non-musical creative practice. Despite this, visual artist Jim Strong (Melkings, ex-Weyesblood),  illustrator / horticulturist Goda TrakumIte and miscreant Jesse Dewlow (People Skills) converge to stake out curious, spectral sonic territory. Their non-idiomatic take on pop music ambles between vaporous New Weird America recordings, 80’s industrial cassette murk, and the heartfelt vernacular of the kiwi underground.

Eyes of the Amaryllis’ latest LP ‘Perceptible to Everyone’ (2023) is released on Horn of Plenty.


Shit Creek layers electronic oscillations, violin screech and chopped up samples to conjure exquisite, fluttering, psychedelic dronescapes. A rainbow-swamp of pure, prismatic euphoria. Beautiful and bright, and from Brighton.


Hannah is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, theatre, dance, writing, audio, singing and collaboration. Her artistic process aims to uncover or delve into something that needs to be saved, re-defined, or space created for. Previous projects include a book of short stories on darkness (Pit Murk), a participatory drawing performance (Draw to Look), and a dinner re-imagining folk singing culture (Sing For Your Supper).


Dan works with the moving image to explore representations and mis-representations of Black Britishness with an interest in examining how they manifest themselves in rural areas. We’ll be screening Dan’s 2021 short film ‘Coaley Peak (A Fragment)’, which takes as its starting point a photo of his relatives at the Gloucestershire viewpoint Coaley Peak.