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Balm & Tonic: A Fooling Show

The fool plays on the edge, with one foot on the solid ground of the known, and the other hovering over the abyss of the unknown.

Sun 24 March // 19:00

Tickets: £6 Concession / £8 Full / £10 On the Door

Balm & Tonic: A Fooling Show

The fool stands on the empty stage without a plan. They follow their impulses - reacting to feelings, physical sensations, the world around them. They give voice to the thoughts inside their head. Every performance is unique, unpredictable, human.
Fools have magical powers, as they shine a light on their inner worlds you might see yourself reflected there.

Your fools for this show are:

Anna Rathborne
Gregory Champion
Genevieve Cameo
Catherine Murphy
Bee Golding
Ed Rapley

Doors: 7pm
Show: 7.30pm - 9pm with an interval

Tickets: £6 concession, £8 full, £10 on the door.

“The fool is a part of our selves which sees life innocently and is not afraid to say what it sees - like the child who declared ‘the emperor has no clothes’. The Fool is free from being bound by society’s rules of self censorship.

The Fool also holds the key to how we learn and create.

The fool plays on the edge, with one foot on the solid ground of the known, and the other hovering over the abyss of the unknown. The fool plays solely for the sake of the pleasure of playing, utterly absorbed, with no concern for success or failure.”
Wise Woman & Master Fool Franki Anderson


About Balm and Tonic

Born in February 2023, Balm and Tonic is a collective of fools and playful folk who co-create kind, accessible spaces to play, create and perform in together.

Influences and shared languages that current group members have in common include: Holly Stoppit (fooling & therapeutic clowning), Franki Anderson (fooling), mindfulness and non-violent communication.



Balm and Tonic is a Covid safe(r) space, as Covid particularly impacts people who are most marginalised, and anyone can develop health issues from infections. Let's do our part to keep our community safe!

This an FFP2 (or better) mask required event, so please wear a mask unless you are exempt. We will have FFP2 masks available on the front of house if you need one on arrival and you can buy your own here: FFP2 Masks. These masks (or better) are best to protect against Covid.

We also ask that you don’t come if you have any new virus - type symptoms or if you have close contact with Covid in the week leading up to the event.

We'll have the doors to the bar open and a HEPA air purifier running in the lounge, so the spaces that you enter the building into will be well ventilated. We'll open the doors to the auditorium during the interval to let fresh air into that space halfway through the show. 

Building Access
The cube is a historic building with a lot of steps to get in and around, so unfortunately it’s not suitable for wheelchair users.

The Cube does free tickets for carers and asylum seekers. To book these tickets, or for any questions on access, please email: cubeadmin@cubecinema.com