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Dir: Babak Jalali, USA, 88 mins, English/Dari/Cantonese, Cert: 12A

Sun 1 October 2023 // 17:00

Tickets: £5

Donya, a young Afghan who moved to Fremont, California after serving as a translator for the American army, spends her days working at a fortune cookie factory and her nights wide awake battling between her desire to rebuild her life and the overbearing guilt she carries within. In a bid to connect with the world, she sends an unconventional message through a fortune cookie. Tinged with Jarmuschian deadpan humour, this sensitive immigrant tale packs a breakout performance by real-life refugee Anaita Wali Zada, joined by a perpetually off-kilter Gregg Turkington and Jeremy Allen White from The Bear as a heartthrob mechanic.

"stylish, sweet ... a poignant reflection on the modern immigrant experience" Little White Lies

"an invitation to fall head-over-heels in love" Screen

"Fremont is truly one of the most special movies to come out of Sundance Film Festival this year" Movie Web

"Charming, thoughtful, and carefully crafted... Beautiful and seemingly shy, Anaita Wali Zada is a true breakout star" The Playlist