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Sat 11 November // 19:00

Join us in our noisy journey to the puppet realm, where all things live and now all things are also loud. A whole night of puppets and sounds. Objects are alive and they are screaming.

Bean pig puppetry is a queer puppetry collective that believes in the life of all things! They believe in the possibility of other worlds that are in a constant state of transformation, destruction and creation. They believe that anything can come to life, anything can transform and anything is possible if it’s made out of cardboard and old curtains.

Liquid Library is a queer music and DIY arts collective. A multi-headed creature of noise, light and colour. With an ever shifting membership they strive to find the sweet spot between the sacred and the ridiculous.

The programme will include a puppet tea party noise show, a full life size Beanpig puppet show in the auditorium featuring live musical improvisation, a Gary meet and greet and bizzaro DJs in the bar