Cube Cinema Freehold

raised of our £185,000 goal !!!
read HERE our plans for the surplus

What we've done so far

The Cube Microplex was a dream turned into reality. Since 1998 its all-volunteer staff have helped establish it as a progressive arts cinema and music venue with an international reputation. In 2013 our original 15 year lease was coming to an end. Our plan was to buy the building and become masters of our own destiny. After lengthy negotiations with our landlord, a price of £185,000 was agreed in October 2012. Through the extraordinary support of the public and other sources, we were able to raise the full amount by December 2013, and on April Fools Day 2014, the building passed into our hands.

What is happening next

We now have plans for better access for those with restricted mobility, a larger bar/lounge area, improved toilets, restored cinema seats and residency space for visiting artists. Walls need breaking down, ceilings raising - out of the bunker into the light. Fundraising continues: the aim is to enable these serious new improvements. Donations gratefully received.

The Cube has always been proudly independent of external funding, relying instead on income from the bar and the door. Paying rent to a private landlord was always a fly in the ointment. With ownership, the sum of the hard work carried out by volunteers will be directly invested in the building, equipment, programming, creative projects and education for our staff. It will enrich the experience of everyone who passes through the doors.

How we are doing it

We have established a separate organisation, Microplex Holdings Ltd, a non-profit Industrial and Provident Society and Community Land Trust (CLT) whose charter is to secure and maintain the freehold of the Cube Cinema as a community arts space in perpetuity.

Because the Cube is run by the public we are turning to the public to help realise the dream, both for our volunteers, users, cultural partners and the whole of Bristol. This will be a huge amount of graft but the Cube's history is strewn with challenges and it relishes this one.