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Nanoplex Plug58 Kids Gig / Adults 3 Kids 2 / 2pm - 5pm / 

Nanoplex & Plug58 Invite you to a magical afternoon featuring~

Patrick Duff & Duncan Fleming (War Against Sleep) :: Tim Greaves 
:: Andrew Mania :: Joff Winterhart :: The Usherettes

Two of the most compelling songwriters collaborate especially for the children
of Bristol. PATICK and DUNCAN say "Take the cotton wool out of you ears and
put it to your mouth" I wonder what we can expect? :: TIM GREAVES brings
plastic toys and wooden dolls to tell a story. Objects are animated by
drills and bicycle parts - a fairy tale whose content is secondary to the
multi media / fine art interpretation where characters and scenes are given
a new twisted slant :: two very very short films by international artist
ANDREW MANIA from his collection of Moving Stills :: ~ 'Violet and Turquoise' 
is a 12 minute 30 second lovingly drawn 2D animation about a
teenage girl in the early 60s by JOFF WINTERHART. a mixture of authentic
looking magazines, dress patterns, music and popular TV created to make the
film and portray the whirling imagination of Violet as she is trying to find
herself, and fit in :: THE USHERETTES will be making sure everyone is
welcome & comfortable and may even have some goodies in there boxes :: DJ MILO
smallest DJ in town. A very special event. One not to be missed!!

Tickets on sale at usual outlets / Door tickets sold to families first