When the Cat Comes

(Az prijde kocour)

Sun 3 September // 18:00

A travelling circus arrives in a small village, accompanied by a cat wearing sunglasses; when the ... [more]


Sun 3 September // 20:00

With delirious visuals conjured by cinematographer Jaroslav Kučera (Daisies) and often described as the 'last' film ... [more]

The Cat Returns

(Neko no ongaeshi)

Sun 17 September // 17:00

Haru rescues a cat from a busy road and discovers the cat is actually a prince ... [more]



Sun 17 September // 19:00

In an anonymous Japanese town, Sayoko runs a service renting cats to those in need of ... [more]


Sun 03 18:00 .... When the Cat Comes (Az Prijde Kocour)

20:00 .... Morgiana

Sun 17 17:00 .... The Cat Returns (Neko No Ongaeshi)

19:00 .... Rent-A-Cat (Rentaneko)


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