20th Century Flicks presents

The Manchurian Candidate

Thu 26 October // 20:00

Sergeant Raymond Shaw returns from the Korean War a hero, having saved the lives of his ... [more]

Afrika Eye presents

Joe Bullet + Shaft

Part of Africa’s Lost Classics, in partnership with Come the Revolution

Sun 29 October // 18:00

Afrika Eye and Come the Revolution present an evening of cinema in the genre of ‘blaxploitation’ ... [more]

The Headless Woman

Sun 19 November // 19:30

Verónica (Maria Onetto), a middle-aged woman, is driving down a deserted road in northwest Argentina. Distracted, ... [more]

Pandora's Box presented by South West Silents

with an introduction by Pamela Hutchinson

Fri 24 November // 20:00

G.W. Pabst’s 1929 silent masterpiece Pandora’s Box stars Louise Brooks in the role that secured her ... [more]

In The Cut

Sun 3 December // 14:00

Frannie (Meg Ryan) is a writer & professor in New York who is disturbed & aroused ... [more]