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The Standup Picture Show

Live standup + Galaxy Quest

RIP Alan Rickman

Dir: Dean Parisot, USA, 102 minutes, 1999, cert PG

Sat 27 February 2016 // 19:30 (SOLD OUT)

Tickets: £7 advance

The cast of a once-popular but long since cancelled television space-drama series today eek out a living on the convention circuit, squabbling amongst themselves and cursing the show that made them famous. When Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, AKA Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) meets what he thinks are particularly convincing cosplayers, the cast/crew of the NSEA Protector become engaged in their biggest ever job.

We celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary with this loving and hilarious homage, recently voted the 7th best Star Trek film, despite not actually being a Star Trek film. The, ahem, stellar cast includes Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, Alan Rickman and the scene-stealing Tony Shalhoub. As you've come to expect from The Standup Picture Show, we have a whole universe of special treats up our sleeves for the evening. We're also delighted to be screening the film from a 35mm print!

"Brilliant. No one laughed louder or longer in the cinema than I did." - Patrick Stewart. 

Fancy dress & cosplay is encouraged, and the best outfits may just win a trip on Protector itself.

Preceded by out of this world comedy from:

Matthew Highton: Surreal storyteller and lover of cult movies, Matthew is a key member of Comedians Cinema Club and the Weirdos Collective (“the closest thing we have to a modern day Comic Strip”- Chortle).

Amy Howerska: Amy has written for Newsjack, The Now Show and BBC Radio Wales, as well as writing and performing her debut standup hour at 2015's Edinburgh fringe. If that didn't keep her busy enough she's also an actress and a film journalist. She's also really funny. “Superb set, gnarly, gutsy, like ski jumping in the nude.” – Phil Kay.

Paul Duncan McGarrity: Warm and hugely likeable, Paul is now a relative veteran of three solo Edinburgh shows, not to mention his involvement as a key cast member in the cult fringe hit Knightmare Live. “Like a very tall, funny, excited child” – Kate Copstick, The Scotsman.

Jack Heal: Former winner of the Chortle Student Comedy Award and one of Bristol 247's '16 faces for 2016', Jack is one of our favourite local performers. A razor sharp comic, tonight he brings us a brand new set about his favourite subject: science.

Alex Mahoney: A new light on the Bristol scene, Alex specialises in closely-worded self-deprecation.

And hosted by Alice Taylor-Matthews as Crewman Number Eight.