The Bioskop Presents … In The Woods took place on Sunday evening 19/9/10 in Leigh Woods, Bristol.  This is the archive…

The event included audio installations, live performance and two screens – one showing a programme of short films, another showing artists moving image, plus a bar.

Un-burying the PA

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Luke excavates the hidden PA from under a tree stump…

woods photos

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photos by Guim Camps

artists films

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shift – toshio matsumoto

necrology – standish lawder

the reflecting pool – bill viola

hoist – matthew barney

jabberwocky – jan svankmajer

dancing heads – sergei eisenstein

Knowing Icons and Transforming Experience: Sergei Ensenstein’s Que Viva Mexico!(1932)

films in the woods – main programme

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If you were selecting a programme of films to show in the woods, what  would you choose? Here are some of our suggestions…


Stan Brakhage made “Mothlight” as a silent film, but here is a possible soundtrack recorded by sound artist Matt Davies… and performed on the night.


annabelle dances and dances

maitres fous

comingled containers


this is a film by Bristol based filmmaker esther may campbell that isn’t available to see on the internet…

by a waterfall

in the gorge

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the site and the walk back into Bristol along the Avon…

photos by Gavin Brockis


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The Bioskop Presents … In the Woods is happening TONIGHT in Leigh Woods at 7pm

There’s going to be audio sculpture, live re-scoring of films and two screens showing artists films, short documentaries, and drama by jean rouch, esther campbell, bill viola, mark isaac, stan brackhage, standish lawder, lillian schwartz, annabel moore, mathew barney , and others.  plus a bar!

Wear warm clothes, good shoes and bring a torch and something to sit on.

Directionsclick on map to enlarge it

- If you’re coming by car there is plenty of parking near the Create Centre and the Nova  Scotia pub.

- Cross the disused iron railway pedestrian bridge to the left of the Create Centre.

- Follow the side of the river towards the Suspension Bridge.

- You’ll be walking along the path for about 15 minutes.  After the suspension bridge continue for about two minutes and take the first left into the woods…. you’ll be able to see the screens through the trees, and there will be an usher waiting for you.

- Please be quiet when you’re entering and leaving the site!


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by matt humphries

screen test

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The mysterious Bioskop has been out and about looking for the right site for its launch event The Bioskop Provokes… films in the woods which is going to take place at 7pm on Sunday 19th September.
Directions to the site and a map will appear on this page on the day…

The screen you can see in the photos above is going to be screen 2 – its in a little gully close to the trees (below) where we’re working out how to hang the main big screen..

Plan B
somewhere dry in case of rain…

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