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two more films about families…

Here are a couple of beautiful films that could easily have been part of the WE ARE FAMILY programme… The first is Centaurs a fragment of early animation from 1921 featuring a surprisingly hetero-normative family of half human/half horses. and … Continue reading

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Staff at Moderna Museet, Annika Eriksson, 2001

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an electric shock

Yesterday I was writing about our investigations into running the Bioskop cinema off heavy duty 12 volt batteries, and the anxiety we felt about the dangers of electrocuting our audience… This morning I was in the kitchen in dressing gown … Continue reading

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bioskop at the film exercise – film programme

Le Débarquement du Congrès de Photographie à Lyon – Lumiere Brothers 1895 Barry Salt: The members of the French photographic society would have seen many attempts at making moving pictures over the previous few years and are well aware of … Continue reading

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batteries and projectors – bioskop consumer test

A Report from the Bioskop R+D dept. Although we’ve been thinking about it for a while, Institution was the first bioskop event where we experimented running projectors off batteries. The site was underground – so using a generator was going … Continue reading

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deep outside – recce 2

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(wo)man with mirror – user manual

how to re-perform guy sherwin’s man with a mirror.  a guide from teaching and learning cinema, you can also download the pdf here: man-with-mirror

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is a museum a factory?

Is a Museum a Factory? Hito Steyerl The film La hora de los hornos (The Hour of the Furnaces, 1968), a Third Cinema manifesto against neocolonialism, has a brilliant installation specification.1 A banner was to be hung at every screening … Continue reading

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film exercise

This Thursday (25th October) we’ve been invited to curate an edition of Bridget Crone and Al Cameron’s Film Exercise. We’ll be meeting at the Arnolfini at 6.30pm but will be rapidly moving outside and underground to our own hidden site … Continue reading

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deep outside – recce 1

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