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False Criticism: Cinema and the Conservative (Indie) Critique of the Bourgeois Society

If you, like the Bioskop, felt that nineties and noughties US “indie” films like  American Beauty,  Fight Club, Elephant, Magnolia, Thirteen, In the Cut, Virgin Suicides etc didn’t deliver the brutal critique of society that they promised, or that all … Continue reading

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world war three/don’t blame me/you will have no electricity

it’s all doom and gloom. with thanks to david hopkinson x

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gee vaucher of crass

Gee Vaucher was the visual artist for the anarcho-pacifist punk band Crass.  Her super-realist collage paintings which featured on the band’s record covers and liner notes communicate an almost hysteria-provoking aura of dread.  Imagery from the Nazi holocaust, victims of … Continue reading

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The Ossuary

The bones in the Sedlec Ossuary come from mass graves of up to 70,000 corpses from the C14th Black Death and the C15th Hussite Wars … In 1870 the aristocratic family who owned the chapel employed a woodcarver, František Rint … Continue reading

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apocalypse as mental breakdown : alan moore

interview with Alan Moore by bioskopians, in the cellar of Northampton shoe museum, 2008.

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Whoops Apocalypse! was a satirical comedy made during the late cold war of the early eighties. The plots of both the tv series (1982)  and the film (1986) involve political events in the uk triggering a nuclear war in the … Continue reading

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