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Cannibal Holocaust

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I hear a new world / Holy Ghost People / Staten Island

A great youtube mix up by MickTravisBickole of Joe Meek’s closeted space ballad I Hear A New World running over the top of excerpts from Peter Adair’s Holy Ghost People. Holy Ghost People is filmed around a service at a … Continue reading

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film exercise

This Thursday (25th October) we’ve been invited to curate an edition of Bridget Crone and Al Cameron’s Film Exercise. We’ll be meeting at the Arnolfini at 6.30pm but will be rapidly moving outside and underground to our own hidden site … Continue reading

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deep outside – recce 1

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radiation / electronic fragments

The swashbuckling Robert Hughes on TV and electronic fragments. From Culture As Nature the pop art episode of The Shock of the New tv series, 1980. More than forty years ago a great Marxist critic, Walter Benjamin, said that it … Continue reading

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enfolded in images

This clip comes from An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube made by professor Michael Wesch in Summer 2008 when youtube was three and a half years old. At the moment of writing this post in October 2012 the idea of an … Continue reading

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living without aim

No more carefree laughter Silence ever after Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye Knowing Me Knowing You, ABBA, 1978 Its well known that Joy Division’s Love Will Tear … Continue reading

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video by kate cooper

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wehrmacht snowballs

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What if feels like to live in the early twenty first century

… Film gave way to television as a “cultural dominant’” a long time ago, in the mid-twentieth century; and television in turn has given way in recent years to computer- and network-based, and digitally generated, “new media”. Film itself has … Continue reading

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