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watching watching

1750s Japan These two images by Suzuki Harunobu are shunga – japanese erotic and pornographic wood block prints from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. Shunga had a wide and popular audience, and depict a (very) wide selection of … Continue reading

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At this moment the pseudo-Veronique returned from the bar with her friends; she was deep in conversation with a young black guy, or rather half black. He was slightly older than her; I reckoned he could be about twenty…. After … Continue reading

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statues also die – chris marker and alain resnais 1953

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an electric shock

Yesterday I was writing about our investigations into running the Bioskop cinema off heavy duty 12 volt batteries, and the anxiety we felt about the dangers of electrocuting our audience… This morning I was in the kitchen in dressing gown … Continue reading

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bioskop at the film exercise – film programme

Le Débarquement du Congrès de Photographie à Lyon – Lumiere Brothers 1895 Barry Salt: The members of the French photographic society would have seen many attempts at making moving pictures over the previous few years and are well aware of … Continue reading

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batteries and projectors – bioskop consumer test

A Report from the Bioskop R+D dept. Although we’ve been thinking about it for a while, Institution was the first bioskop event where we experimented running projectors off batteries. The site was underground – so using a generator was going … Continue reading

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in a ditch

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deep outside – recce 2

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bioskop vs Sheri Guywin vs LTA

The bioskop went along to the Bring Your Own Beamer event at Spike Island on Friday 29/10/12. Here’s a rough chop of some of the footage from the night – thanks to Gemma, Helen, David and Jem Below are stills … Continue reading

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bioskop at the film exercise

In October the bioskop were invited to curate an edition of Bridget Crone and Al Cameron’s excellent Film Exercise. We put together a programme of six films and a live performance – chosen for an off-site location under Bristol city … Continue reading

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