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The first ten years are the hardest…

A friend was talking about relationships and she said she’d heard that the first ten years are the hardest.

Ten years?  That’s a lot of bickering, adventure, conflict, boredom, sex, money stuff, dreams, walks, lack of sex, humour, weekends, family, working things out, rows, tenderness, repetition, friendship, holidays, screen time, split ups, dancing, bills, romance, work, disappointment, washing up, love…

… before you even start to get things on an even keel.

Caverns of Love is a programme of films we put together to think about the mechanics of how people make long-term relationships work.

It’s not necessarily a celebration of relationships – there’s nothing inherently great about couple pairings (whether they’re straight, gay, queer, whatever).  And as to marriage: you’ve got to think carefully about an institution that’s so heavily promoted by the some of the most asocial elements of society – the Tory party, the advertising industry, religion, bankers and mortgage lenders.

So…  why are we putting on a load of films about people arguing, in a cave?  Well, this event is part of the BFI Love season, and we’d read a book called In Praise of Love by Alain Badiou where he criticises the way movies and culture in general obsess over first love, first meetings, and the first moments.  The reality of love is what happens after they lived ­happily ever after – which is less glamorous, and more repetitive.

Maybe the only place you can see those moments captured on screen is deep in a cave, on a rainy night in November.

In Case I Never Meet You Again…  - Natalija Vujošević, 2005 Montenegro


After making In Case I Never Meet You Again Natalija Vujošević had a baby, got married, and got divorced.

Stealing Beauty – Guy Ben-Ner, 2007 Israel

Guy Ben-Ner made a series of films in the ‘00s featuring his wife and children -“culminating with Stealing Beauty… after that we separated.  The movie’s about that, in a way.”

Suite – Zapruder Group, 2011 Italy

David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti from the Zapruder filmmakers collective have been collaborating for 15 years.

Bend It – Gilbert and George, 2007 UK

Gilbert and George have lived and worked together in the same house in East London for 47 years.  George has two children from a previous marriage.

Ai /Love – Takahiko Iimura with music by Yoko Ono, 1962 Japan

“I asked Ono to make the sound for my film Ai, and she did – by recording the noise outside her window.” Takahiko Iimura

Birth of the Goal Keeper of the 2001 FA Cup Final – Mike Leigh, UK 1982

“I’m someone who has deservedly been a signal failure at relationships … but I do have a good working relationship with actresses” – Mike Leigh.

Marte Vold – Totem, 2014 Norway


We asked Marte a bunch of questions about love by email, her answers are going to be on the Bioskop blog shortly…

Untitled – Kate Cooper, 2005 UK


“Its my grandparents in the piece… They used to do this silly opera style singing to try and wind up my sister when her friends came over. I loved how hyper it was…” – Kate Cooper.

Dog Years – Sam Hearn and Richard Penfold, 2004 UK

The real Ben lived with Morgwyn for 74 years before he passed away.

Music by Goldcrest

Goldcrest is usually Susanne and Leila. Leila said she wasn’t in the right headspace for making music, so Susanne did this gig on her own.

Caverns of Love was put together by the Bioskop…

The Bioskop was formed in 2010 -  they used to argue constantly, nowadays they tend to argue only when they’re tired or stressed.

… and powered by the CUBE

Bristol’s anarcho-revolutionary organization the Cube has been running since 1998. During that time hundreds of volunteers have worked in, and passed through the Microplex becoming friends, enemies, and lovers.

Special thanks to … 

Dani Landau, Matt Davies, James Vickery, Alice Quigley, Tiffany Holmes, Alan Gray, Diana and Fred Lamb, Adam Mullinger, and Alain Badiou. x x x

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