all that is solid melts into air

A two screen installation by Mark Boulos filmed with members of The Movement for the Emancipation of the the Niger Delta, and traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (on the first day of the economic collapse of 2008.)

ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR from Emiliano Battista on Vimeo.

When I saw Boulos speaking recently he said the film had been influenced by Rouch’s Maitres Fous, not so much by the methodology behind the work as by the beauty of Rouch’s camera work and colours.

But there do seem to be further connections between the two films, in the way they depict power relations being performed and embodied. In Maitres Fous the Hauka’s possession trance acts out (and appropriates the power?) of the state and military rituals of the occupying colonial administration… in All That Is Solid the stock brokers gestures embody the abstract flows of the global financial markets, at their point of collapse.

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