you didn’t expect to see this sort of dancing…

Unite and unite and let us all unite,
For summer is acome unto day,
And whither we are going we will all unite,
In the merry morning of May.

To celebrate the 1st of May, and some sunshine after the long winter and invisible spring we’re posting Alan Lomax’s Oss, Oss, Wee Oss from 1953. The film documents the ‘Obby ‘Oss festival , held each year in Padstow in Cornwall .

It was only after watching Oss, Oss that we noticed what the youtube poster had written about it…

Traditional English Folk Culture has been all but destroyed as it has been legally forced to give way to alien cultures, Multi-Culturalism is a lie. For a Culture to live, it must be protected and nurtured. No two Cultures can coexist, without one being destroyed. In the case of European Culture, the Governments of Europe have criminalised our ways, and forced us to tolerate that which destroys us. Enough is enough! Let us say no to the Multi-Cultists and the globalist harmonisers.
Our Culture is worth defending, and strengthening. If that means other culture must give way to us, in our own lands, then so be it. Our Lands – Our Culture!
No to internationalism and all those who wish to reduce humanity to bland indistinguishable producer-consumers, devoid of tradition and a sense of place in the sacred union of blood and soil.”

Its depressing to see Lomax’s great film being claimed by UKIP types, even more so when they use a phrase like Blood and Soil that comes directly from Nazi ideology.

The Folkloric – traditions, festivals, folk songs, tales – have often been claimed by different ideological factions… sometimes with farcical results. In the ’50s the Left in the USA and Britain saw folk music as their territory (often in a puritanically earnest way). In the Balkan conflicts of the nineties (echoing the extreme nationalism and racism of the Nazi period) turbo folk – a cheesily techno-fied version of local folk music – soundtracked the Milosevic and Karadzic regimes.

turbo folk

wait fest

In the UK – for the last decade or so, its not so much a political group, as an entrepreneurial class of event managers and graphic designers who have co-opted the symbology of the folkloric to sell their products – boutique festivals marketed like a hybrid of Waitrose and The Wicker Man.

But if the right continue to rise in the UK we’ll probably be reading more rants like the post under Oss, Oss, Wee Oss.  Ironically the film’s impact on the community it documents demonstrates the obvious fact that it’s miscegnation (ie cross-breeding), messiness and complication that create culture in the first place – not any kind of purity.

For the shoot the (north american) filmmakers  asked people to wear red and white because it looked good on the film stock they were using – after which it became the tradition to wear red and white every year…

Enjoy the film!

ps. Bioskop are going to be out and about this summer – first up we’ll be appearing under a hedgerow at Sin Eater Festival in Shropshire, and then at Supernormal Festival… showing a bunch of films to delight and annoy you.

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