Love is… by Kim

First of all we need to state that the Bioskop is pro-Love. In fact we are quite romantic people.

But secondly, this writer at least, believes Kim Casali’s and Bill Asprey’s Love Is comic strip may be one of the reasons its hard for modern people to fully believe in the existence of love.

Frances Stark’s chubby,  playmobil/lego-like animations in my best thing, triggered long repressed memories of  Kim’s schmaltzy cartoons, which seemed to be everywhere when I was a child.  As a kid there was something vaguely disturbing about Love is… what exactly were these genital-less couple with their seventies hair – adults or children? And what were the gnomic captions all about?  As a child I assumed they must mean something. (I was wrong.)

googling through images of love is… I found this parody, which brings the cartoon and My Best Thing into the same orbit -

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