WE ARE FAMILY – at the star and shadow

nb to see the programme of films we showed on the night go to the family page, here.

The bioskop is heading to the Star and Shadow in Newcastle on Thursday 21st January to screen a programme we’ve assembled of artist’s film, rare documentary, and short fiction  called WE ARE FAMILY.

As well as being the bioskop we’re very proud to be part of the collectively-run Cube Cinema , which is a kind of a sister cinema to the Star and Shadow.  The two cinemas are very similar in the way they work, active at opposite ands of the country but sharing a lot of ideological and organisational DNA.

We’ve never been to the Star and Shadow so we’re going to screen each of the films in a different room – hopefully including the bar, auditorium, office and smoking area – so that we and the audience get a chance to explore.

If you’ve ever been part of a collective (or any work organisation) you’ll know the experience is a mixture of friendship, arguments, politics, flirting, work and shirking, endless meetings, egos, emails, inspiration and disillusion (and vice versa), drinking, cleaning, boredom and fun.

Its basically like being part of a large dysfunctional family – hence the name of our programme, WE ARE FAMILY.  We’ve chosen a set of films that as well as being films we love, we think reflect a bit of that experience…

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