writing my best thing – frances stark interview

Frances Stark talks about the making of My Best Thing…

One Question – Frances Stark from CAG on Vimeo.

To write you need days and days to just be able to like pick up a book and let things kind of like you know float around and I just … I didn’t have that time and so… I got really really freaked out and thinking like oh I’ve lost language I don’t have the ability to like to deal with anything discursively or blah blah blah. And so, um, I’m like really stressed out and I’m working in my, I’m working in the University and I’m making shows and I discover this like fantastic time killing, ha, um… haha, acitvity, ahh on the internet. Like a nice stress relief etc, and I got really… into it. and um as I was in… doing that… like… I was doing it in my studio you know. At a certain point I realised it was essentially writing. Like what I was doing was writing. Because I was like… [mimes typing]... you know kind of performing, I don’t… you know just being myself, but, on a keyboard and in front of a camera. um not always with the camera but… yeah that I was sort of like pulling stories out of these people and telling my story… and then the more people that kind of I would get involved with the more complicated all the stories became and… and at a certain point it just seemed like wow I’m actually writing.

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