an electric shock

Yesterday I was writing about our investigations into running the Bioskop cinema off heavy duty 12 volt batteries, and the anxiety we felt about the dangers of electrocuting our audience…

This morning I was in the kitchen in dressing gown and socks about to make some toast. Half asleep, I pulled the toaster towards me by the slot, and my fingers touched the filament inside.

Suddenly I was being electrocuted – the charge was like a physical block of energy in my arm and neck and skull.
I could feel the current alternating like a wave inside me, knocking my elbow hard, clenching my jaw and jolting against the crown of my head.
This can have only lasted two seconds at the most – time stretching out in the moment before I pulled my hand away.
Or perhaps it was the kitchen circuit fuse blowing out that released my hand… leaving me in a silent room which a moment before had been filled with the noise of the radio and washing machine.

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