bioskop at the film exercise – film programme

Le Débarquement du Congrès de Photographie à Lyon – Lumiere Brothers 1895

Barry Salt: The members of the French photographic society would have seen many attempts at making moving pictures over the previous few years and are well aware of what is going on . The film was developed immediately, and printed on the spot, to be shown to the pariticipants later the same day

BIT Plane – Bureau of Inverse Technology 1998

BIT Plane from xDesign Project on Vimeo.

Iggy Pop interview on the Tom Snyder show 1980

Iggy Pop:Obviously already… if I put as much into a song as I possibly can on your show, automatically for five or ten minutes its very hard for me to speak articulately, or to talk to you, because you see
Tom Snyder: Ok, you’re pumped up…
Iggy Pop: Because I’ve quite given myself… totally to that. Its Dionysic. If you know the difference between Dionysic and Apollonian art?
Tom Snyder: I’m not too good on that.
[audience laughs]
Iggy Pop: Aah. Dionysic art in Greek times was like when a bunch of people would get together and they’d erect a paper phallus, 50 feet long and carry it around and chant to some god they believed in, right? How should I say this? – the creation of an event. Its eventful art. Apollonian is when you just make a statue and its there forever and its set out very clearly.

Sheri Guywin performance of Wo/man with Mirror

Sheri Guywin performed Woman with Mirror – the bioskop take on Guy Sherwin’s Man with Mirror (Thanks to Guy for permission). The projection used for the Film Exercise performance was shot and projected on digital video… but wasn’t documented. Instead we’re posting the version above which the bioskop made and developed on Super 8 at the Cherry Kino workshop weekend at the Cube Cinema.

Le Squelette Joyeux

Climbing Round My Room – Lucy Gunning 1993

Why Don’t You – Cardiff – BBC1 – 1985

Barque Sortant du Port – Lumiere Brothers 1895

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