I hear a new world / Holy Ghost People / Staten Island

A great youtube mix up by MickTravisBickole of Joe Meek’s closeted space ballad I Hear A New World running over the top of excerpts from Peter Adair’s Holy Ghost People.

Holy Ghost People
is filmed around a service at a Pentecostal Community in Scrabble Creek, West Virginia, which includes speaking in tongues, singing, dancing and snake handling. The film was made in 1967 on a shoestring by Peter Adair who was 24 at the time, with support from amongst others Steve Reich recording sound.
Peter Adair went on as part of the Mariposa Film Group to co-direct the queer cinema classic Word is Out, the first feature length documentary about gay and lesbian culture, released in 1977.

and finally we swing back to Joe Meek again… whose Telstar soundtracks Vivienne Dick’s Staten Island(1978) where a down at heal glitter alien emerges from a polluted river and wanders along the shoreline sifting through trash…

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