comizi d’amore

pier paolo pasolini, love meetings, 1963

Tonino and Graziella are getting married.
About their love they only know that it is love.
About their future children they only know they will be children.
It is especially when it’s happy and innocent that life has no mercy.

Two Italian kids are getting married.
And on this day of theirs all the evil and all the good from before seem to vanish, like memory of the storm in peace. Every law is cruel, and they, exercising their right to be what their fathers and their mothers were, do little else than confirm, dear as they are to life, the gaiety and innocence of life.

So the knowledge of good and evil – the story, which is neither happy nor innocent – is always at the front of this ruthless forgetfulness of the living, of their sovereign humility.

Tonino and Graziella are getting married: and those who know stay silent before their grace that does not want to know. But the silence is guilty: our wish to Tonino and Graziella is: “May to your love be added the knowledge of your love.”

translated by bsk

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