where is the vagabond cinema?

TONIGHT!!! Sunday 26th August – Come to the Bioskop’s Vagabond Cinema… It’ll be at 7.30pm at the location below…
The forecast is good but bring a jumper, something to sit on , and refreshments… See you there!

How to get there -

We’re in Riverside Park (it’s between the M32 and the River Frome, south of Easton Roundabout and north of Staples/Cabot Circus)

If you’re on foot or bike there’s a foot bridge across the M32 (marked in yellow on the map) opposite St Paul’s Community Sports Centre, or you can come down Wellington Road  from Easton Roundabout, or up from Staples…

If you’re in a car the best place to park is on Newfoundland Road in front of St Paul’s Community Sports Centre and then cross  over the M32 on the footbridge (marked in yellow on the map)

(nb. you can’t park on Wellington Road – the first half is double yellows and the second half is pedestrian only)

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