cultural modification

“When I was a teenager masturbation was always and only a substitute for having sex with someone.  Porn aims to make us forget this, to convince us that masturbation is sex. In the past withdrawing prior to ejaculation was an inefficient and entirely frustrating form of birth control.  Now withdrawing and coming over the woman’s face – stemming from the pornographic obligation for everything to be on view – is the climactic part of the sex act.  A few years back the Guardian columnist Marina Hyde observed that some young men do this – without so much as a by-your-leave – because they think that is how sex is supposed to end.  Even the most basic biological urges, it turns out, are extraordinarily susceptible to cultural modification.  The line between natural and unnatural behaviour is constantly changing.”

from an article by Geoff Dyer on Thomas Ruff ‘s Nudes exhibition

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