Forthcoming… cinema without screens

The Bioskop >>>hosting Live Timeline Actions>>>  presents…


8pm | date to be announced | secret location

Tonight The Bioskop will take you to a secret location to explore a new Cinema Without Screens.

Artists Live Timeline Actions (LTA) will be creating ordinary and extraordinary energy fields in and around you, Sheri Guywin will be moving through mirrors and Annabelle Moore will be recreating her internationally famous Butterfly Dance. There will also be a bar plus bioskop-curated sound and projections to delight and disturb you.

LTA say – At work and in leisure time pervasive screen based technology (laptops, phones, tv, cinema) has long since succeeded in colonising our minds and imaginations, and become protheses for memory and emotion.  Now that we all have screens inside us, do we need them in the physical world?

There is a pre-archive page for the event, where we post research that goes into the shaping of the night. Check it out here

The secret location will be revealed on the day at noon at, or send us your contact details at to be notified by email.

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