Four Horsemen

Here they come the dreaded riders who called the apocalypse, within their mercy is the fate of all human race. But wait! That’s what the ancient times say. The famous toy company who gave birth to constructive and analytical but enjoying childhood moments has again widened its range, this time going biblical with their rendition of the four horsemen.

The four LEGO® horsemen are creatively patterned with images depicted by the revelations. Based on the bible the four LEGO® horsemen come in four figures—-war, famine, pestilence and death. According to the revelations, the four horsemen are the ones that came out of four seals during a period when God would put an end to the world. LEGO® presents these characters in a lighter mood with the four LEGO® horsemen. Each LEGO® horseman brought with them a specific disaster that man has to contend with  -  Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

LEGO®‘s equation in making toys is composed of two things: education and enjoyment. The four horsemen may represent a dark chapter of our holy book but with the use of an open and critical mind, not to mention a good guiding explanation for younger minds, these LEGO® horsemen figures can serve as a good foundation for the creative and diverse thinking of the new generation. There are those who are looking for a unique inspiration when playing and building their collections and works of art.

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