whitehouse – I’m coming up your ass / led zep – whole lotta love

William Bennett:  “The way I would rationalise it is we engage with rock’n'roll not as a musical form but as sex. I see Whitehouse ultimately, if we reduce it down to one word, as being about sex. If you look at sex, in fact it’s the one thing in most Heavy Metal or in Death Metal, that’s completely taboo. They’ll talk about anything else, any horror imaginable can be referred to but when it comes to sex it’s never dealt with. It’s the same with noise bands. If we understand rock’n'roll as being sex music then Led Zepplin, thought they’re not a personal guilty pleasure of mine, are definitely sex music. Often people have problems with titles like “My Cock’s On Fire” or “I’m Coming Up Your Ass”.  That’s because they really have a problem with sex…

[Our music] has that in common with original blues. It’s explicit in that sense. It’s not being murky about it. But it’s not a subject people feel comfortable with. It makes people very upset if you bring it up…

The big taboo is being attracted to women, and not far behind that is being attracted to men.”

Robert Plant’s orgasm manipulated by  Jimmy Page’s theramin – 2.10

The Bioskop highly recommend starting the whitehouse and led zeppelin videos simultaneously and using the youtube volume controls to mix your own whole lot of coming in your as.

This works particularly well if you then expand the whitehouse/jeremy solterbeck video to full screen.

and while we’re in the zone…

Here’s  Anal Staircase  in tribute and celebration of  Peter Christophersen – covert surveillance enthusiast, graphic designer, video director and founding member of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and Coil who died on 25th November.

In this Mathew Collings  interview Coil’s motto is described as ritual music for the accumulation of male sexual energy. RIP  Sleazy 1955 -2010

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