Films shown at the UWE Occupation Camp For Education

RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism
An animated short, in which social theorist David Harvey discusses the reasons behind the current economic crisis and proposes to look beyond capitalism.

Not Just Tea and Sandwiches

During the Miners Strike 1984/85 the media coverage of the strikes was unbalanced to say the least. In response, several filmmakers’ collectives from around the UK were making short films that were distributed on VHS tapes presenting an alternative view of the events, and fostering solidarity. Not Just Tea and Sandwiches tells the story of women’s involvement in the strike.

Here’s an article from Close Up journal, by David E. James, about the Miners Tapes Project: For a Working Class Television: The Miners Campaign Tape Project

Now! (Santiago Alvarez, 1965)

Cuban director Santiago Alvarez’s classic short on the US Civil Rights struggle.  Thanks to Mark Cousins for recommending this film

Battle of Trafalgar (Despite TV, 1990)

Despite TV‘s analysis of how police went out of control (with repeated horse charges, and driving vehicles into the crowd at speed) at the Poll Tax Demonstration in central London March 31st 1990, and the misrepresentation of events by BBC and ITN news.

Battle of Trafalgar has immediate relevance when looking at the current police Kettle strategy which actively creates disorder rather than “containing” disorder.  See useful links on kettling and strategies to avoid it at the end of this k-punk blog entry.

In Freefall (Hito Steyerl, 2010)

Many thanks to Hito Steyerl and Picture This for giving us permission to show this film.  You can download an interview with filmmaker and theorist Hito Steyerl about the film here. And Gil Leung’s essay on the film is here.

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