workers leaving the googleplex

Workers Leaving the Googleplex (Rough Cut) from Andrew Norman Wilson on Vimeo.

An account by Andrew Norman Wilson of his attempt to make a film – “An analysis of the transition from industrial labour to information labour…” while working for Google.

To whom it may concern
Yesterday I was outside the Google Book Search building which is adjacent to the building I work in, and had the chance to talk to a few employees while they were leaving work.  Most of them are people of colour and are supposedly involved in the labour of digitizing information.  I’m interested in issues of class, race and labour and so out of general curiosity I wanted to ask these workers about their jobs.
I’m aware of  internal mechanisms for discussing labour issues with Google and had no intention of defaming the company.  I was not aware of how secretive the Book Search project is, but now understand how seriously my curiosity could jeopardize not only my own job and Transvideo’s relationship with Google, but also my legal situation because of the non-disclosure agreement I signed.  I apologise for bothering you with this innocent mistake and can assure you that in the future I will be more cautious about respecting confidentiality at Google.
Sincerely Andrew Wilson

It’s fascinating that what is often thought of as the first film – the Lumiere Brother’s Workers Leaving the Factory , is a study of the the factory, and the workers, who made the first movie cameras, film, and processing equipment that brought the first films into existence.
In other words the first film is a study of the economy and means of production of itself.

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