Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore (born Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe) were surrealist writers who made photographs – Cahun posed as the strange and glittering  shape-shifting subject and Moore operated a thirty year old Kodak pocket folding camera.

In the photos they made together Cahun tries out mulitple staged identities in a practice somewhere between the work of the Countess of Castiglione and Cindy Sherman.

After retiring from public surrealist life in Paris, the artists (who were step sisters and lovers) moved to Jersey.  In 1940 with German invasion of the island imminent, and despite the fact Cahun was Jewish the two artists decided  that they would stay and actively resist Nazism instead of fleeing to England.

After three years of clandestinely producing and distributing home made anti-Nazi texts they were finally caught and sentenced to death… a sentence they only survived because the war ended.  We salute you.

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