why orgasm?

Because its a phenomenon that with luck every human being experiences, the Bioskop is very interested how Orgasm appears in different forms of cultural expression … music, songs, political discourse, films, conversation gossip, photography, stories …

Because sex has so often been a taboo subject through history, and perhaps orgasm is an element of sex that particularly taps into latent body horror, Orgasm doesn’t appear too often undisguised in mainstream “polite” culture. But we suspect that a physical phenonomenon thats so universal and powerful must gain expression in abstracted form even when it can’t be expressed openly and blatantly….

And again Orgasm is fascinating because it is messy and uncontrollable and reveals a fundamental bodily physicality of us all which is often hidden and denied by the civilised behaviours of social norms….

And finally while Orgasm is a potentially universal phenomenon that is experienced by all of us it is experienced by the sexes in different ways – as an internal phenomenon for women and as an external phenomenon for men…  and difference always interests us.

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